Soil Enhancement

If trees had their druthers they’d grow out in the woods, far from our lawns and homes and buildings. There’d be no one to compact their roots but scampering squirrels and the occasional deer. The forest floor would be cool and moist, and covered in decaying leaves and fallen branches. There’d be nutrients and beneficial fungi all over the place!
Alas, urban trees are stuck in our yards, their roots constantly competing with grass and gardens for water. And as for nutrients, little can be found after we spirit away any leaves and branches that fall, wanting our properties to be neat and tidy. We don’t mean to remove the potential for delicious decaying debris, it’s just in our nature to clean up after nature.
So, what can be done to enhance your depleted soil and increase your trees’ chances at a long and healthy life? Gill Tree Care can augment the soil in such a way that it replicates much of the aforementioned forest floor. Our injections make available a mixture of things trees just love, like mychorrhizal fungi, micronutrients, liquid humates, and sea kelp. Yum!

Sound weird? We know. But we’ve consistently seen it work in our twenty-plus years in arboriculture, and are confident in touting the benefits we can bring to your soil.

If we’ve piqued your interest, let’s have a chat. Even better, let’s have a visit.

Your trees will love you for it.