We’re so glad you’re thinking of requesting a load of woodchips from Gill Tree Care! Before submitting your application, let’s review a few things that can help ensure a successful delivery.

Give a good look at the spot you’d like us to dump, and note things like:

Are there tree branches/power/phone/cable lines overhead? Our truck might not be terribly tall, but the bed has to be raised up at an angle in order for the chips to dump out and we can’t risk tangling with potential hazards overhead.

Can you handle a large load? On average, we deliver 12 cubic yards of chips, which translates into about 1000 square feet when spread at 4” deep. Trying to picture what that might look like? Think of two 2-car garages next to each other and you’ll get the idea.

Is your lawn newly planted, or likely to be easily damaged? Our truck is pretty darn heavy, especially when laden with chips. We might leave ruts along the tire lines if we’re not dumping onto something solid, like a driveway.

Do you need the chips to be aesthetically pleasing? Freshly ground chips aren’t the sort you find bagged up for sale at Home Depot. While a good deal of the wood that goes through the chipper comes out looking like the chips you’re accustomed to, there’ll also be chunky, stringy pieces along with lots of leaves and/or pine needles.

If this all sounds good, simply fill out the information below and we’ll get you right on our list!